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An internal, & external vibrator, with three separate locations of stimulation for ultimate pleasure.

Blended is a flexible internal, and external, vibrator designed with three separate modes of stimulation. Each mode can be used individually, or together, to stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot. It is 100% waterproof and has over 10 vibration patterns, beginning at a lower frequency and increasing as you cycle through. 

Please note the 5 stimulating intensities designed to pleasure clitoris combines movement of a 'tongue-like' piece with air-pulsing. The air-pulsing differs from the mechanics of the Duo which features air-suction resulting in an increased 'suction' intensity.

Mauve tone

Clitoris, g-spot & prostate 

10 vibration patterns - internal 

5 pulsing intensities - g-spot

5 stimulating intensities - clitoris 


USB charging

Medical silicone, ABS


1. Clean Blended before use with My ilo’s vibrator cleaner. 

2. Press and hold, for 3 continuous seconds, buttons on the bottom of the device to initiate their function. A light will illuminate underneath the button when the function has been correctly turned on and is ready for use. Press the same button again once to start the function.

3. The first button initiates the clitorial pulsing function. The second button initiates the g-spot stimulating function. The third button initiates the 10 vibration patterns.

4. Now that the product is on to add second and/or third function simply press the button for 1 second. Do not continue to hold down the already initiated functions. 

5. To change vibration patterns and intensities, press activated buttons for 1 second.

6. Massage and stimulate. 

7. Press and hold each activated button for 3 continuous seconds to turn the functions off. The light will disappear when the device is correctly turned off. 

8. Wash Blended after use with My ilo’s vibrator cleaner. 

Charging time: 1 hour

Usage time: 3 hours

Caution: Do not charge when the power is switched on. Wash before and after use with ilo’s vibrator cleaner. If you feel uncomfortable while using, please stop using immediately and seek medical treatment if necessary.

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