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5 Little Bears

Indigenous A to Z Tiles

Indigenous A to Z Tiles

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3yrs +

5 Little Bear's have introduced real images of Indigenous themed objects, that pair beautifully with the engraved upper and lower case letter tiles. Children will have fun matching each letter of the alphabet with the corresponding printed images.  

This resource promotes language and literacy skills, encourages observational skills and discussion and also develops hand eye coordination.  The laser engraved letter design also adds a tactile sensory component



Perfect for use on a literacy table, puzzle table, quiet activity after meal times. Encourage child to engage in discussion with educator. A one on one activity to help children learn their alphabet through discussion. Children can also learn letter sounds by saying the name of the matching picture tile. 

Group Setting

In a group environments children can use the Alphabet tiles to promote descriptive words, a memory game, and help to develop an understanding of Australian animals. Group discussions about letter sounds and animals will also promote confidence, and develop phonics skills for children.


Children can take their cards outside and see what objects they can find, using as a treasure hunt. They can also point out other objects or animals in their environment that begin with the same letter, helping them to learn letter sounds.

Learning Opportunities

Improves memory, problem solving skills and visual and spatial reasoning. Develops fine motor skills and letter recognition. Promotes literacy skills, cognitive development, letter sequence and gives children a better understanding of the world in which they live.


Made using 3mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.



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